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Why RMCT is the best!

Rocky Mountain Conservatory is the best in youth theatre training! 
  • The only way to learn how to perform on stage and be brilliant is to learn from a trainer who knows the lessons of 2,000 years of stage tradition. There is no short cut to being amazing. To be great you must learn what it means to be you. You can never be anyone but you. The real question is who are you, and do you want to really let us see who you are?

  • Acting is fun! Playing on stage, learning to rely on your fellow actors and them to rely on you, feeling the confidence that comes from knowing you are being true to the circumstances of the story is why we are attracted to the theatre. It is no different in a movie, a TV show, or a play. The rules that make storytelling so amazing and addictive are as simple and complex as the hardest task. The fun comes in creating what looks most true to the human condition. That is what we teach. Our students crave this truth and that is why they come back year after year to experience our version of this truth.

  • Many people work with young people for all kinds of reasons. We work with young people because it is our destiny. We believe in destiny. You are what you believe you are. We have an effective way of guiding our students to be the extraordinary people that they are meant to be. As a result, we do extraordinary work. Anthony Hubert, RMCT's Artistic Director, has a unique way of working with young people. Anthony’s method is so flexible and inclusive that the most unlikely of our students are as successful as the most likely of our students. Why? RMCT believes talent is nurtured and taught!  We also believe that you can achieve anything if you work smart, never give up, and most importantly choose the right guide to help you achieve your goals.

  • Our summer camp is the most amazing experience for our students. When camp is over our students cry and laugh and trade numbers and talk about what they are going to do until next year. Our motto has become “I don’t get home sick, I get camp sick.” It’s the most amazing time of the year for our team and for the kids. If you are a performer or you are learning to be on stage for the first time, RMCT is the best organization to build lasting relationships that are positive, heartfelt, and healthy. Our students are from all walks of life and all levels of training. Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre has mastered the art of working with young people. It is a gift to teach those so full of hope and enthusiasm.

Exceptionally, Extraordinary Training for the Young Actor
in the Rocky Mountains & in South Florida!

Here is why:
  • We teach young people to be amazing adults; we use theatre to teach these lessons. It is what our team is born to do. We’ve changed the world through teaching, and we’ve given our students the belief in self that is necessary to be successful in high stress situations, being on stage in front of thousands or on camera in front of millions, or in a court room as a lawyer in front of 30 or 50 people and as a result influencing people to live vicariously through their work. It is a gift to teach. It is a moral imperative to do it well. Every successful person has a support system behind them guiding them towards their greatest achievements. We are that support system for many of our students. To be the best is about being the best person you can become. It is our philosophy that through the positive good works that we achieve at RMCT we are teaching young people to go into the world to be the best people they can become in the world, and as a result changing the world.

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