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Private Lessons


(updated 09/07/2021)


Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is now offering private acting lessons with our Artistic Director, Anthony Hubert.  Lessons currently have availability in South Florida, so please contact us to schedule ASAP.  Lessons in Denver are now available via Skype, and lessons anywhere else can be done by Skype. Contact RMCT immediately to schedule.



Cost is $75 per hour for students currently enrolled in classes and booking a 4-class package, and cost is normally $125 per hour for those not enrolled in class, with single lessons available.  In our experience, a 4-class package will have an actor well prepared for any upcoming event for which they want to best prepare themselves, or have professional insight to help with fine-tuning their work. We have done extensive acting lessons and other private coaching via the internet (Skype, FaceTime, Facebook Messenger VideoCall, etc). and the lessons are very easy to arrange and the sound quality is very good.



Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is now offering private vocal lessons for students who want to take their singing to the next level, with our Vocal Director, Heather Nesbitt.  Lessons are available at different times as available,

DSA or BAK or Dreyfoos: School-Specific Audition PRIVATE LESSONS

Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is inundated each fall with requests, especially in our largest and original location, for students who want to work on their audition process for school acceptance in to Denver School of the Arts (DSA), and lessons are booking very fast.  The same goes for South Florida, where audition season us upon us for both BAK Middle School of the Arts, and A.W. Dreyfoos School of the Arts, both in West  Palm Beach. Auditions for both the CO and FL schools begin the second week in January, 2022, please visit the school's district website and contact the respective department within the school if you have an audition and are not sure  for when it is scheduled.  If you are interested in booking for any combination of acting or voice lessons, please contact us as soon as you start considering it in order to make sure that we can get your student into our schedule.  This is a great way for students to fine-tune their audition pieces an attain a great level of confidence for their important auditions, as well as knowing what to expect and other tips from our staff members who are very experienced with helping students prepare for big academic auditions (middle school, high school, college/university) college or post graduate programs within competitive fields, and professional auditions, as well as a host other important performance events including debate organizations, public speaking, corporate events, etc.

SKYPE PERFORMANCE LESSONS for Acting, Audition, Debate, Public Speaking, Interview, Corporate, College, Post-Grad Interviews, General Confidence Coaching 

Lessons for acting and voice are both also available by Skype.  Please contact us by phone or email to schedule a session.  Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre's private lessons using SKYPE online is great for students anywhere in the world, and great for those who need a very last minute or purpose-specific, role-specific or audition-specific coaching, or even fear of public speaking, anywhere from serious jitters to completely almost not showing up for their speaking-involved event. We can help you in a large way, making small modifications and doing things that neither you, your child, and honestly most teachers cannot and are not trained to identify or diagnose, and then treat and cure, leaving you with great satisfaction, confidence, and even eagerness where once there was dread. The techniques taught to our students in private acting-coaching lessons largely have nothing to do with big changes to how you sound or what you say, they have a lot to do with what you are trained to think, and since the skilled actor has the experience to discipline their body and voice to follow their brain on stage, they are overwhelmingly. Please contact us if you would like more information or to arrange a SKYPE session or package today. 

Don’t hesitate to contact us for questions!

Exceptionally, Extraordinary Training for the Young Actor
in the Rocky Mountains & in South Florida!

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