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Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre Announces Summer Season

(originally published in DU Today) by Kristal Griffith photo by Wayne Armstrong

June 22, 2010 - The Newman Center for the Performing Arts is swarming with kids who will put on six performances in the next eight weeks. The Rocky Mountain Conservatory Theatre is hosting its summer camps for children ages 6–17.

The children have been practicing since June 7 and stage their first performances on June 24. It is the first year conservatory co-founder Anthony Hubert has divided the children into smaller groups, so that each group has its own production. It’s also the first time they’ve used the Newman Center’s Byron Flexible Theater.

“It has worked out so well,” says Hubert, an assistant professor of theater at DU. “It has been the most successful camp we’ve had.”

Children ages 6–8 are putting on the Pied Piper for the first session. The 9–12 year-olds are doing Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and the older group, ages 13–17, will produce West Side Story.

Ryan Maltz, 15, has come to camp for the second year and will play Bernardo, the leader of the Sharks in West Side Story. He says he’s enjoyed camp this year even more than last. “Because we’re separated from the younger kids, we get to work with each other more and focus a lot more on our characters,” he says.

The first three productions will run from June 24–26.

“I’ve seen all [the first productions],” Hubert says. “They’re ready and the younger kids have the cute factor. We’ve got some ringers on stage.”

A new group of children will start the second session, which runs June 28–July 17. The second group will perform The Jungle Book, Guys and Dolls and A Midsummer Night’s Dream.

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